Posts Dev Diary 8: Pins 1.5 - Sites, Compact Layout for Tweets, and Search by Exact Match

Dev Diary 8: Pins 1.5 - Sites, Compact Layout for Tweets, and Search by Exact Match

Pins 1.5 comes with 3 additions: An entirely new way to explore your bookmarks with Sites, a compact layout to reduce visual noises caused by imported tweets, and an alternate way to search for bookmarks with non-Latin or special characters.


Pins adds a new collection called “Sites” to browse your bookmarks by subdomains. Understand more about your bookmarking habits with this exclusive feature.

Compact Layout for Tweets

Pinboard lets you import bookmarks from up to three Twitter accounts. Best of all, you always have access to Twitter archiving even if you don’t sign up for the archiving feature.

If you’re like me and have a lot of imported tweets, they may take up a lot of screen estate while browsing bookmarks. In Pins 1.5, you can now flip an option to use a new compact layout for these tweets.

Search by Exact Match

Pins’ Advanced Search_ feature is a hit since launch. It, however, is based on SQLite Full-Text Search which doesn’t work nicely with non-Latin or special characters like asterisks (*). Pins 1.5 now lets you toggle between Advanced Search and Exact Match at any time to cater to any of your searching need.

One More Thing

Last but not least, you can finally zip through the tag list with the new alphabetical slider to the right of the Tagged screen.

If you want to learn more about Pins, feel free to follow the app updates on Twitter at @GetPinsApp or my personal account at @quanganhdo.

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