Posts Dev Diary 15: Pins 2022.2 - Fallback Data Source, Pinboard Search

Dev Diary 15: Pins 2022.2 - Fallback Data Source, Pinboard Search

Pins 2022.2 is now available on the App Store for iOS and iPadOS.

Fallback Data Source

If you frequently visit community bookmarks (Popular, Wikipedia, etc), you may have noticed they no longer load for the last month or so. This is due to a backend issue: Pins uses Pinboard’s JSON feeds for these communities to power these screens and the feeds haven’t returned any data.

Pins 2022.2 includes a workaround to alleviate the problem: These screens now use a fallback data source to show the bookmarks.


  • Each screen only displays 10 most recent bookmarks
  • Bookmarks don’t include tags or sources

As soon as Maciej fixes the backend issue, I’d replace the temporary source with the original one.

Pinboard Search

For all Pinboard users, you can now perform Search Mine / Search Network / Search All from within the app. For those with an archival account, you can also Search Full Text.


  • Pinboard doesn’t offer an official API to access its search capability, hence the need for entering your username and password. These are stored separately from the login credentials so you will need to enter them even if you use your username/password combo to log in with Pins.
  • Pins also displays only the first page of search results to keep the feature simple. Based on feedback, I may add support for more results but this is not in my immediate roadmap.

If you want to learn more about Pins, feel free to follow the app updates on Twitter at @GetPinsApp or my personal account at @quanganhdo.

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