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Troubleshooting Common Problems

Pins 1.0 ships with a dedicated Troubleshooting section under the ? screen. It gives you access to 2 tools:

  1. Repair Local Storage: Use this when you’re sure some bookmarks are there but you just can’t find them.
  2. Re-Download All Bookmarks: Use this when your local bookmarks are way out of sync with Pinboard either because you make changes to a lot of bookmarks on different devices or something just feels wrong. Read this article to understand about the way Pins works.

Some other issues you may run into:

  1. Can’t find the share extension in your favorite web browser? Try restarting the device. Let me know if you still can’t find it, or you can see it in Safari but not other browser.
  2. Want to delete your local bookmarks and restart from scratch? Deleting Pins off your device and reinstall it. I might add this as a dedicated tool later if there’s a real need for it.

Are you still here? Contact me via Twitter at @GetPinsApp or use the Email Support button in the ? screen then.

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