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Faster Bookmarking with Shortcuts

Pins 1.0 features 2 actions:

  1. Create Pinboard Bookmark: Save a bookmark to Pinboard with customizable title, description, tags, privacy setting, and unread status.
  2. Get Suggested Tags: Retrieve a list of popular tags and recommended tags for a given URL. Popular tags are tags used site-wide; recommended tags are drawn from your own tags.

You can make powerful shortcuts with these two building blocks.


Example 1: Save to Pinboard with Pins

This shortcut automatically fills in the title and description for any given web page and save it to Pinboard silently for later processing.

Get it here

Save to Pinboard Shortcuts

Example 2: Read Later & Tag with Pins

This shortcut expands the previous one by tagging the web page with all recommended tags as suggested by Pinboard and setting its status to unread. That way you can visit the bookmark later in the Unread collection to make manual adjustments.

Get it here

Read Later & Tag Shortcuts Notice the Recommended Tags variable and remember to turn on the Read Later switch (not shown on screen)

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