Posts Dev Diary 11: Pins 1.8 - iOS 15 Support

Dev Diary 11: Pins 1.8 - iOS 15 Support

Pins 1.8 is out with fresh iOS 15 features: Add link from camera, Quick Note support, XL widget size, and more.

Add Link from Camera

You can now add links from the real world by long pressing on the URL field in the Save to Pinboard form and choose the appropriate option. This works like magic - give it a try!

Quick Note Support

For iPad users, Pins adds support for Quick Note so that you can create a note from within the app by swiping up from the bottom right.

Thoses notes have deep links back to the original bookmark and can be viewed on your other devices.

XL Widget Size

Other goodie for iPadOS: XL widget size that lets you view more bookmarks on your homescreen.

Drag-and-drop Between iPhone Apps

This has always been supported in iPadOS but now iPhone users can join the fun: Dragging-and-dropping links across apps onto Pins to add them to Pinboard.

Better Siri Support

Siri can now create reminders from bookmarks and share those links to your friends when you ask them to.

If you want to learn more about Pins, feel free to follow the app updates on Twitter at @GetPinsApp or my personal account at @quanganhdo.

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