Posts Dev Diary 5: Pins 1.2 - Browse Tagged Bookmarks

Dev Diary 5: Pins 1.2 - Browse Tagged Bookmarks

Pins 1.2 is out on the App Store.

This update comes with 2 new collections: Untagged and Tagged accessible via the main screen on your iPhone or the first column on your iPad / macOS device.

Tagged Bookmarks

Tap on each tag to look at related tags and tap on the “N Posts” button at the bottom left corner to view bookmarks tagged with them. Save your “view” as a smart collection by choosing the Add to Smart Collection option on top. The Manage on Pinboard and View on Pinboard actions send you directly to the relevant page on to make changes to your tags.

Manage Tags

On iPadOS, it’s even simpler because of the screen estate. Browse your tags in the first column and see related bookmarks in the second one at the same time — no extra tap required.

Tagged Bookmarks on iPad

Check it out. To learn more about Pins’ development, follow the app updates on Twitter at @GetPinsApp.

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