Dev Diary 3: Spotlight, Shortcuts, and More

In this third installment of Pins’ Developer Diary series, I’m listing the other system integration features that are being shipped in the 1.0 release. Spotlight search You can look for any bookm...

Dev Diary 2: Multitasking in Split View and Slide Over Mode

Welcome to the second installment of Pins’ Developer Diary series. Let’s talk about how Pins works hard to be a model citizen on your Apple device by integrating well with the rest of the system. ...

Dev Diary 1: Introducing Pins

Hey there, fellow Pinboard users. I’ve been working on a new Pinboard app for a while and would love to unveil it soon. It’s called Pins. Pins is a multi-platform app made for iOS 14 and macOS Big...

Privacy Policy

This policy applies to all information collected on our apps for iPhone and any other devices and platforms. We collect crash reports and anonymous statistics about the operating system, applicati...

Pins 1.0 Beta Testers

Special Thanks Chris Chelberg Cooper Pellaton Felipe Ricelle Jay Datema Joshua Nee Tim Maly and other amazing beta testers!

Troubleshooting Common Problems

Pins 1.0 ships with a dedicated Troubleshooting section under the ? screen. It gives you access to 2 tools: Repair Local Storage: Use this when you’re sure some bookmarks are there but you just...

Universal Links

You need Pins 1.4 to open this link. Please update to the latest version and follow the link below: